Welcome to Smart Computer Laboratory

This site offers the presentations of subjects and projects developed in our laboratory.
The projects are based on different development boards with different ARM SoCs and open source software.

The projets include:
- the Embedded Linux system development (mainly based on Linaro and Ubuntu)
- the Embedded Computer Networking including wired and wireless implementations
- the Embedded Internet Multimedia based on open standards and GStreamer
- the Embedded Parallel Programming on multi-cores and many-cores

For more details contact us at: bako@ieee.org send mail

You can also download (to your Kindle) the study and exercise texts:
A Practical Introduction to Parallel Programming on multi-core and many-core Embedded Systems
A Practical Introduction to Multimedia Internet on Raspberry-Pi-Odroid-U3

Attention: To access the site you need the the user code and password.

If your user name or/and password is not correct
please contact: bako@ieee.org